Three type families are used in the main typographic design of Mimesia:

Myriad Pro
Literally our myriad of typefaces, in that it can be applied to a great many cases: headings, call-to-actions, form controls, etc. Even the logotype uses this typeface. When in doubt, use this typeface to represent Mimesia.
Minion Pro
Also quite literally, the minion of Mimesia typographic design. Even though it’s our secondary typeface, it is used to set far more text, as it does the heavy lifting when it comes to body text.
Adaptive Mono
A monospaced typeface used for representing code samples, computer terminals, and the occasional ascii art.

Three supporting fonts are used for specific cases:

Foundation Icon Fonts 3
Font Awesome
Icon typefaces used for generic symbols that are hard or even impossible to properly represent in plain text.
Mimesia Symbol
Its sole purpose is to provide a text version of the Mimesia symbol. You can find it on the top left of every page.

Type sizes

Print Display
Body text 12pt 100% (16px)
Primary heading 36pt 3em (48px)
Secondary heading 24pt 2em (32px)
Small print 9pt .75em (12px)