Posts are messages (or links, or photos, or whatever) that you put on your profile.


When you create a new post (or edit an existing one), you can control who are allowed to see it. There are currently three options:

Everybody can see this post
This means that the post is public. Visitors do not need to login to Mimesia to see your post, and search engine crawlers/robots will be allowed to index (but not archive) your post. This is the most liberal option, and also happens to be the default.
Members of Mimesia can see this post
With this setting, everybody that has a Mimesia account and happens to be logged in, could see your post. Note that this is not limited to your contacts.
Only I can see this post
This setting will not allow others to see your post. This is useful when you want to use Mimesia as a diary, or if you want to work on a post a little more before making it public.